Pirates Outlaws And Two More Games Are Being Handed out on Google Play

Three games are temporarily free on the Google Play store: Pirates Outlaws, Age of Civilizations Africa, and Mystic Guardian PV: Old School Action RPG.

Pirates outlaws

Normal price: 75 rubles.

This is a stylish card game with a pirate theme. Brave sailors are waiting for hundreds of opponents and dozens of big bosses. Many characters have interchangeable skins. There is also a system of trophies and collecting relics.

Age of Civilizations Africa

Normal Ticket Price: 109 rubles

Leisurely turn-based strategy to capture the territories of Africa. You can develop your state by conquering neighboring lands, or negotiate with your neighbors through diplomacy.

Mystic Guardian PV: Old School Action RPG

Normal Ticket Price: 269 rubles

An old-school RPG set in a fantasy and steampunk setting. You have two main characters with different storylines, several classes for pumping and tons of equipment.