New Macs with ARM processors will not support Windows

Starting in late 2020, Apple will begin migrating its computers to its own ARM processors. Apple Silicon Macs will become even more productive and energy-efficient - but for those who like to use two systems on one computer, these are not the best machines. New computers will not be able to run Windows through Boot Camp.

The fact is that Microsoft licenses ARM versions of Windows 10 only for pre-installation on new devices. The company does not release a free installation version of this system, which means that it will not work to get a Windows image for Boot Camp. Microsoft confirmed to The Verge that ARM copies of Windows are still available only to OEMs for now.

Apple worked closely with Microsoft to release Office for Mac with ARM this year. There is a possibility that companies will be able to agree on the continuation of Boot Camp on new computers, but for Microsoft this means a major change in the distribution policy of the system.

Another way to run Windows on Mac is virtual machines from VMWare and Parallels. But they will also have to be completely redesigned for ARM, and it is not known whether the developers will do this. Although Apple showed off Parallels Desktop running Linux, there is no word about Windows yet. VMWare developers have launched a survey on their Twitter to assess user interest in the ARM version of Fusion - but no promises have yet been made.

At this stage, the possibility of running Windows on new Macs with Apple Silicon is at least a big question. To do this, Microsoft must make an exception to its rules, and Apple must prepare drivers for Windows to run on its new computers. With so few Mac users using Boot Camp, corporations might find it not worth the effort.