WhatsApp and Google Photos, The Best Combination to Save Your Photos and Videos

It is a recurring WhatsApp problem that ends up at the top of the list of applications that take up the most space in the memory of your smartphone. The reason is that a multitude of videos, photographs, audio files, documents and a long etcetera arrive on WhatsApp.

A possible solution is to clean occasionally. That is, review what content you have stored on your smartphone that WhatsApp has downloaded and delete or save it in the cloud, for example iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or any similar solution.

But a simpler, free and automatic solution is to download Google Photos, Google's free storage service specialized in saving your photos and videos. Free. Unlimited space. And with a quality of 16 MP in photos and 1080p in videos. So you can continue to keep the photos and videos downloaded on WhatsApp but in the cloud instead of taking up space on your smartphone.

Automatic Backup for WhatsApp

There are two characteristics that make Google Photos an irresistible application, whether you like Google or not. The first one I've already mentioned: unlimited free space. The second is ideal for releasing WhatsApp from photos and videos: it makes backups or synchronizations automatically. That is, Google Photos takes care of synchronizing photos and videos from your smartphone and uploads them to the cloud. You do not have to do anything.

Google Photos Save Photos Online

The process could not be easier. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, after installing the official Google Photos application, just open it and log in with your Google account. To configure the synchronization or backup, you must click on your profile photo, where you will find the Photo Settings.

In Photo Settings you will see the option Backup and synchronization. This option will back up all the content you save in the form of photos and videos.

But if you only want to save the WhatsApp content, from Android you can do it by accessing Google Photos and then the menu on the left. There you select Device folders and navigate to the WhatsApp folder or folders: WhatsApp Images, or similar, and WhatsApp Video, or similar. In addition to viewing the contents of that folder, you'll see a button in the upper right corner to Create backup and sync.

From iPhone, in principle it is not possible to choose which folders to synchronize, so you will copy to Google Photos all the photos and videos that you save in the Photos app of your iPhone.