How to Solve Common Problems of Your PC?

Windows 10 is the best Microsoft operating system so far. However, this does not prevent you sometimes having to face a slow, overheated, hard-disk-facing PC, etc.
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But the truth is that many of these problems you can solve yourself in the comfort of your home. If you do not know how to solve problems of this type, here we tell you the solution to some of the most common.

Slow Computer

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow pc, especially when you know it is still in use and should be working normally. Instead of buying a new computer, just apply a few of these solutions. Most experts recommend never turning off personal computers. However, before trying any of these solutions, the first thing you should do is restart yours.

Programs that run automatically in the background can slow down any good computer. Make sure that this is not your case by entering the Windows 10 task manager (ctrl + alt + del) and disabling any program that is not strictly necessary. If you have an antivirus, antispyware, etc., make sure it doesn't scan your pc in the background. Next, use a temporary file cleaner to remove all cache, cookies, etc., which could be slowing down your computer. A slow pc can be synonymous with a huge accumulation of temporary files.

To open the disk cleaner in Windows 10, press Windows key + x from the desktop, click run and type cleanmgr. You can also download a cleaner like CCleaner.


If your pc is not removing heat quickly enough, you risk severe damage to its most important components. How to solve problems like this is almost always simple. First of all, make sure that nothing is resting on the computer and that the cpu has nothing around it. If it is attached to a wall, it is best to remove it several centimeters, it is best to use a closed case for the cpu. You might think that an open one lets the air run more, but it also allows dust and dirt to settle in the fans and impoverish their performance.

Either way, the fans will get dirty, so remember to clean your pc every so often. You just have to turn off and disconnect your computer, open the case and use a dust remover spray (Compressed Air / Gas Duster or can of compressed air) to remove dirt from each fan.

Hard Drive Problem

It is possible that the system will show you a hard disk error warning at some point in the life of your pc. This can be due to a huge variety of diverse factors, but it may not be a hardware problem and there may be corrupted or fragmented files.

To try to fix it, you can press Windows key + x from the desktop, click search and type cmd. Right-click on the Command Prompt program and select Run as Administrator. Once the window opens, type: sfc / scannow. This process removes the corrupted files that may be interfering with the hard drive and replaces them.