Learn how to share photos and videos with a shared album on Google Photos

Thanks to Google Photos, or Google Photos in English, many of us have found a place to save thousands of digital photos that filled smartphones, memory cards, computers and digital cameras. A single place to store everything, as it offers free unlimited space.

In addition, this Google service works practically alone, since it synchronizes for you the photos and videos that you choose from your mobile devices. And you can even recover and download them back to your computer or smartphone. Of course, there are things that you may prefer to do yourself.

For example. Google Photos is primarily intended for private use. What if you want to share photos or videos with your contacts? In that case you will need to use a shared album, an easy formula to apply so that everyone can see some of your photos.

Let's see how to launch your own shared albums, how they work and everything you can do with them thanks to Google Photos.

Create a Shared Album

Google Photos, or Google Photos in English, works both from its official page and from the official applications for Android, iPhone and iPad. And the same goes for the shared album feature.

Although you can share photos and videos, separately or in groups, selecting them and going to the Share menu, if it is specific or in abundance, it is more practical to use the shared album. Also, you can remove or add new photos and videos.

For this we enter Google Photos, go to the menu on the left, click on Photos and select a group of photos and videos. Then we click on the More symbol in the upper right corner and give the album a name.

And for it to be a shared album, you will have to click on Share and indicate who will receive the invitation. It doesn't matter that they don't use or have Google Photos to access your album.

Remove Someone From an Album

With your own shared album you can share and show photos and videos with your friends or family. In addition, at any time it is possible to add or remove people to the shared list.

Within the shared album, tap More> Options. We select the person to delete and then More> Remove person. That contact will no longer be able to view the content or receive updates. You also cannot add your own photos or videos.

A more drastic option is to stop sharing the album via link. Inside the album, we click on More> Options and uncheck the option of "share via link".

If you just don't want others to contribute their own photos or videos, you can prevent this option. Specifically, we enter the album and from More> Options we deactivate the Collaborate option.

Stop sharing an album

To stop sharing a shared album, simply delete the members of the album, except you, and disable the link sharing option. Fast and easy.

On the other hand, if you want to leave an album that you have been invited to, you just have to enter the album and then go to More> Options> Exit album. If you regret your decision, you always have time to ask for an invitation again.